Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Cullie Sandy Jackson, Grandad, was born on this date in 1901. He was a tall slender man. Looking at his pictures from his early years until he passed away, he looked about the same weight.

Grandad was a "wolf" hunter. He spent many nights on the prairie as he called it, listening to his dogs chase wolves. I think most of my cousins went with him at some time, but I was too chicken to go.

He knew a lot about the stars, probably from spending so many nights under them. One time, Grammy, Grandad, Mama, Daddy, & I were going to Levelland to visit Gene & Helen. Daddy thought we were lost. Grandad told him we were going in the right direction because there was some star that was always in that direction. He was right.

Every spring I look for the first scissortail to arrive, because Grandad said it wouldn't freeze after they came. I always think of him when I'm looking for them.

My oldest daughter, Sandi, is named after him and Paula's son Cullie is also.

The picture was taken at a family reunion in 1972. It really is a rare pose of him. In most of his pictures he isn't looking at the camera. I guess that's where Julian gets his camera shyness from. Notice the cup of coffee in his hand. He loved strong black coffee!

Grandad had lots of animals. I remember he had a fox, peacocks, hogs, doves, cattle, and chickens. Oh, yeah, and he had his hound dogs. They were his garbage disposal. All the leftovers from meals were placed in a bucket & some kind of liquid was added & that's what they ate. I don't remember if it was milk or just water.

Grandad passed away February 26, 1976. I still miss him.

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Julie Polk said...

His looks never changed did they? Wow, I loved that man. He was some special kind of guy. I think that's why his children turned out so great..they had wonderful parents that really loved them and put their "all" into raising them. Yes, we all do really miss him and Grammy. I think of them almost every day. My heart feels so heavy right now just thinking of them and tears are coming to my eyes so I think I will just get off of here now and say a prayer that God will let me be the kind of person that they were. Love you Grammy and Grandad. Will be home soon...