Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enter New Lifestyle

Open the door and come on in!  I've been gone a while but have missed being here.  A lot has happened since I was on here last.  Some good things have happened, some bad, some sad, but things nonetheless.

It's been a record setting year here as far as temperatures.  One hundred teens for weeks on end.  No rain.  Everything is drying up and burning up.  We received 1/4 of an inch of rain early Saturday morning.  It's a start!

This summer started off with health issues...Behm's.  Carotid surgery and doctor's visits and lifestyle changes for both of us.  Quit smoking...good thing...bad attitude (mine).  Quit frying foods...good thing...bad attitude (Behm).  I've read more labels than I ever have in my life and always looking for recipes for chicken and fish.

I love fish.  Fried fish that is.  I am still struggling with baked.  Behm has never been a fan of fish, but we're both trying to learn to enjoy it.  Right now I'm just choking it down.

The doctor said if it flies or swims it's good to eat.  Behm said cattle swim and pigs fly, but I don't think that's what he meant.  We still have beef at least once a week, after all we do raise cattle for part of our living.

If you have any help for fried food withdrawal, please comment.  I need all the help I can get!


Carpool Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

And I wish that I could help you with fried food withdrawal, but something tells me that the four pieces of bacon I had for breakfast disqualifies me from offering any advice.

Son said...

Mom, you are doing great! Keep it up! I have a great recipe for fish that I will email you. It has a crunchy crust that is almost like fried I think you both will like it! I will keep thinking of more healthy, tasty recipes.

love you,