Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grasshopper Menu

Innocent looking little thing, isn't it?  Add about a thousand more of these and they are quite the eaters.  They especially like squash,

and corn.

So far the cantaloupes (cantalopes?) haven't been touched.  Look how much this baby has grown in a week!
The mesquite trees on the side of the garden look like they have yellow beans on them, but are filled with grasshoppers just waiting for their turn to attack.  If only I could figure out a market for grasshoppers I might be rich before this summer is over.


Son said...

Actually Mom, in Mexico and South America they do eat them. They are usually fried with different spices on them. I never have really thought about why they eat them, but possibly because of the problems that you are having with them. I guess if they eat their crops at least they still have something to eat. You could try it!

Midway Records said...

Butch might go for that since it is fried, only if he didn't know what it was. I was thinking of chocolate covered ones for me though!

Julie Polk said...

Wow that's sad. All of that hard work and they come and take over. Yeah, I agree with Sonya. "Secrets in the sauce" Ha..