Thursday, April 8, 2010


This may not be right but I had to write about it.  It's truly amazing that anyone learns to read or spell with so many words that sound alike or spelled alike that have different meanings.

I love to read and have read many books.  One day I read a tale of a bass with a huge tail while I listened to the bass beat through the walls of my beet red room.  It's hard to tell, but the bass broke the base of the reed table where the lei lay.  On the way by the store to buy its replacement, I decided it's too light and I might need to weigh the odds of buying two wood tables.  Would that do or would the morning dew or when the wind blew make me blue?  Maybe I need four for they're on sale there at the store.  Oh, their business won the award and I know I owe them one sell.

This little story makes about as much sense as the spelling of words.  I'm sure I won't make the best blogger award or make any cents from this post...BUT it was fun and made me think of words.  The list is quite long....sorry I'll be quiet now!


Son said...

very creative and hard to follow first thing in the morning when my coffee cup is still half-full or half-empty depending on your perspective of the world in the morning.

Julie Polk said...

That's funny. Brandy and I talk about that same subject alot...