Monday, March 1, 2010

Catch Up Time

I haven't been too up to date on things lately.  I've been in a blue funk since before Thanksgiving & can't seem to shake it.

I missed wishing Kerri & Ronnie Happy Birthday in February, the first part of February.  My bad!  Belated Happy days to you both!

They are moving back to Buffalo Springs sometime in the near future.  Everyone is glad to have them coming back this way!

Sandi has started back to school to get her Master's.  I think she was pretty stressed out at first, but seems to be back in the swing of school learning as opposed to teaching.  I'm really proud of her for taking this step!

Sonya & family are still trying to adjust to the fishbowl in Oregon.  I keep telling them to keep on swimming & keep their heads above the water.  May have more news to report on that later.

We are all swimming here with all the rain & snow we've had this year.  Lots of rain last night & today.  Our garden is a huge mud hole.  We finally got to plant potatoes, onions, radishes & carrots Saturday.  Sage was here & was a big help in planting.  Now if I can get everyone here when it's time to gather everything, I'll be doing great!

Haven't really been into picture taking lately either.  Gray days are not really very pretty!  This was taken on 2/26/09.  Haven't seen anything like that yet and can't wait until I do!


Son said...

That's what it looks like out here. We have dogwoods blooming in our front yard.

The Texas Woman said...

Our bluebonnets will be out soon. Can't wait!