Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hearing Problems

For several years, Behm & I have had some interesting conversations. I mumble when I speak and he doesn't always hear exactly what I say, so sometimes things get lost between what I say & what he hears. Well...I think it is affecting me. Last night, he told me someone died. I heard Bernie Overhaulers and I asked who that was. He said, "Pernell Roberts, the guy that played Adam on Bonanza". Bernie Overhaulers & Pernell Roberts - yeah they sound similar!

It happened again this morning as I was driving into work. The radio was advertising a 20% off sale on, what I heard was, homosexuals, but actually was home essentials. Big difference!

I've always said to be careful about what you say because it will come back and bite you on the a** someday. I guess someday is now for me!

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