Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fight at Auction

Saturday Behm & I went to an auction in Newcastle. It was in a building so the rain wasn't a problem. While going through all the treasures looking for the ones I couldn't live without, I saw it! There was a big box on the floor that was closed and I know I have to dig to find the really good stuff. When I opened it, it was full of Playboy magazines from the '70's.

I kept my eye on that box all day making sure no one moved it to the front without me knowing it. Finally near the end of the auction, we all moved to the table that had the box.

Miss Buy Everything at the auction told me she was going to buy the magazines. When the magazines came up for bid, she said she wanted them & dared every man in there to bid against her. They started the auction & I bid first. She looked at me like I had thrown cold water on her. She bid & 3 more women including me bid at the same time. I thought she was going to die. "Are you kidding me?", she asked and bid again. I bid again, she was shocked but bid again. I immediately nodded my head again. She said, "Let's share them". I smiled and told her no. She was incredulous by this time but bid again. Long story short...I am now the proud owner of a box of Playboy magazines. Hope they do well on eBay!


Son said...

I bet those photo layouts are so innocent compared to the ones to today! Did you hide them from BEHM? lol!

Midway Records said...

He carried them to the pickup for me so couldn't hide them. Maybe if I hide them in the store, it will get cleaned up with him looking for them! There was one from 1999 and yes the 70's were more tame!

Julie Polk said...

Hey, I have a good know we are having an auction at the reunion don't you? Lee might buy all of those..ha.

Son said...

you should totally include one of those in the Jackson auction just to keep things lively!! maybe I will even come just to see the reaction of everybody!